Run graphic intensive apps on a tiny laptop

Lightweight computers are not good at running graphic-intensive apps like Adobe or Autodesk products and high-performance computers are expensive and not easy to carry around.

Vagon is a personal supercomputer for creatives that can be run in browser through any device.

Design, simulate and render projects without hardware limitations on even a Mackbook Air or Chromebook.

Vagon provides you seamless experience to empower your projects.

Choose performance

Create your supercomputer within a minute, and connect to it directly. You can change its performance whenever you want, keeping your data protected. Work on project with entry level performance, and upgrade it to the best one when it comes to render.

Install apps automatically

You can choose the apps you want to run inside your Vagon and they will be installed automatically. The list is growing fast and in case you cannot find what you’re looking for, you always have the option to download & install manually with Vagon’s up to 2Gbps of internet speed.

Sync files with Vagon Files

File transfers are drag and drop simple. Moreover, Vagon also has an integrated file system which gives you the ability to sync your local files to Vagon all the time. You can also transfer them to your Vagon even when it’s not running. Mainstream file services are accessible, too.

Work on both computers and tablets

Vagon works on any device. You can use it via the browser and Vagon’s desktop app. It has tablet support, too. Hit the run button, and enjoy top notch performance on your device wherever you go.

Over 1 Gbps internet inside

Using Vagon requires a few Mbps, any decent connection is fine. But you’ll experience the fastest connection speed inside. Vagon has over 1 Gbps internet speed, symmetric. Downloads to Vagon and transfers are lightning fast.

Work with your peers on Vagon and collaborate

You can invite your peers or clients to a session on your Vagon to work together. You can share controls and work on the same project while being in remote locations. Professionals, teams and educators benefit from Vagon’s collaboration features.

Play games with
Gaming Mode

Gaming experience requires extremely low latency. Vagon has a “gaming mode” which you can activate inside to get the best experience. If you’re located close to one of our data centers, you’ll get the lowest latency to get a satisfactory gaming experience.

Let's say you have something like a tablet or a Chromebook and you can work on a computer through your browser that's much more powerful.”

Grant Abbitt

Digital Artist

For you, and for your organization


Don’t break your bank for a new pro workstation. Create your Vagon computer in minutes and get a better performance when you need to for much less. Your files & workflow are synced. Get ahead of everyone else. Learn More

Businesses and Teams

Remote teams, creative studios, companies and educational institutions, Vagon Teams give your members scalable cloud computers with collaborative features. Shared files, admin features and integrated services. Live remotely but work together. Learn More