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Tips and Tricks for Faster Export in Photoshop



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Tips and Tricks for Faster Export in Photoshop

Are you a photo enthusiast or professional that’s getting frustrated by slow export speeds in Photoshop that are hampering your editing times? When it comes to videography or photography, you need to be able to rely on your computer and software in order to save you vast amounts of time.

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Time is money, and quick photo editing or video editing enables you to exceed customer expectations when it comes to the turnaround of deliverables. Photoshop tricks that speed up your workflow won’t help you if you’re still getting stuck on export. With this in mind, read on to learn all about five true and tested tips and tricks for faster Photoshop export!

1. Adjust the Memory Usage

When it comes to Photoshop editing and visual production, professionals should always utilize this tip in order to speed up any kind of content creation. The more memory you allocate to Photoshop, the faster it will run!

You can adjust the memory by navigating to Edit > Preference > Performance.

Under Memory Usage, you’ll see that Photoshop most likely has the default set to 70%. We recommend raising it by 5% and seeing how that improves the speed.

2. Reduce History and Cache

The next easy step for faster editing in Photoshop and exporting is to reduce the history and cache settings. You can do this by navigating to the same window where you adjusted the memory. If you often work with large files, we recommend setting the cache levels to 4.

You can also adjust the history states so that the amount of actions Photoshop saves is lower. Consider your own editing skills and adjust accordingly! This will indirectly increase your export times.

3. Disabling Compression

When it comes to common Photoshop tips for digital media, many sources may tell you to export smaller file sizes. However, you may find that exporting them is still too slow.

In the File Handling and File Saving menu, click on Disable Compression of PSD and PSB Files.

While this will increase the size of your files, exporting them will be considerably faster.

4. Turn Off Export to Clipboard

Exporting to the clipboard is something you’ll only need if you need to copy a file and paste it into another app. However, many users rarely use this functionality and it slows down the software!

Disable it by navigating to Preferences > General. You’ll find an option to uncheck Export Clipboard.

5. Choose the Right Quality

Last but not least, speeding up your photo exports may be as simple as knowing the right options to choose. After clicking on the Save for Web option, make sure you’re choosing a quality between 40 and 60.

Any more than 60 is unnecessary and may be too large for websites. You’ll also find that they save much faster!

Speeding Up Exports in Photoshop

When it comes to speeding up your editing and exporting times in Photoshop, it also combines down to a combination of factors. Follow our tips, learn about some common Photoshop shortcuts, and keep your cool.

You’ll find that in no time, you’ll be able to deliver clients’ finished results in less time than they expected.

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