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Best Architecture Magazines & Blogs to Follow



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Best Architecture Magazines & Blogs to Follow

Here are our best suggestions for architecture and planning magazines, blogs, and publications to ensure consistent motivation and up-to-date information for your workflow.

Finding new ideas and inspiration as an architect can be a full time job, constantly surfing the instagram feed and looking for new design schemes on the web. To have original creations, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the field.

Photo by Jo Wiggijo from Pixabay

If you are looking more for instagram feed inspiration and haven’t already seen our last post, we really recommend checking out the list of our favorite architecture and urban planning accounts in Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Architecture and Urban Planning in 2020.

All accounts are tailored to architects and planners with a knack for authentic design and an appreciation for the most current urban trends.

Without any further explanations, here are our publications of choice for architecture, interior design, and urban planning in 2020.

1. designboom πŸ”—

Founded in 1999, designboom is the first online architecture and design magazine, consistently posting the latest trends and news in the areas of architecture, design, and art. Focusing on both the most well known artists and emerging and undiscovered talent, designboom has created over 26,000 articles ranging from exhibition reviews, interviews, and studio visits. In addition to their well diversified content, they also host design competitions and an open product library for procuring architectural materials.

2. World Architecture πŸ”—

Fitting to its name, World Architecture covers architectural news from around the globe, focusing on everything from megaprojects to chic residential interior design. Supplementary to their news content, World Architecture also hosts online events and design competitions, interviews with professionals in the field, and a special section dedicated to urbanism. This publication is a good follow for those looking for a diversified international perspective on architecture and design.

3. Dwell πŸ”—

As a publication dedicated to modern design, Dwell seeks to operate as an online platform for architects and designers to collaborate and find consistent inspiration. With a primarily residential lens, you can find the latest architectural and interior design trends in residential living. They even include a pinterest-like photo board for inspiration in a variety of different interior contexts and materials. Dwell is a must for professionals in the interior design field.

4. ArchDaily πŸ”—

With more than 13 Million visits monthly and 40 new projects published daily, Archdaily is the go-to place for finding the most current and pressing news, projects, and products in the field. With the ability to search among their vast collection of material in an array of different categories, ArchDaily makes it easy for an architect or planner to find the content they desire for instant inspiration. There is even a column for submitting your own work, which if accepted gets exposure to their large and quickly growing network of professionals that regularly check-in.

5. Bloomberg CityLab πŸ”—

This is one of our favorites! Focused on the ideas and trends that affect urban life today, Bloomberg CityLab seeks to provide better understanding and knowledge for urbanists and architects operating in cities. Encompassing a wide variety of topics, from transportation to racial justice, their holistic approach to understanding urbanization trends is relevant to any professional looking to work with architecture and planning.

6. Architectural Digest πŸ”—

Hosting an array of news on interior design, architecture, products, travel, and art & cultural events, Architectural Digest has evolved into a publication much wider in scope than just the average architectural magazine.

Following their content will give insight into sleek interior design in the field today, with an emphasis on modern and sophisticated design renditions around the globe. If you are looking for a publication that matches good quality architecture and design with chic undertones and modern living, Architectural Digest is the magazine to foster your next inspiration.

7. Ronen Bekerman Architectural Visualization Blog πŸ”—

In the rendering and 3D modeling space, the Ronen Bekerman Architectural Visualization Blog is directly relevant to those working on their architectural renditions. Not only are there resources and tutorials available for advancing your rendering skills, there is also an opportunity to showcase your work, explore projects on the blog, and follow along on their weekly podcast to hear the latest trends in the industry.

From full fledged architectural news, to resources for creating your next 3D rendition, Ronen Bekerman is a must follow for architects in the field looking to expand their quality and scope.

8. My Modern Met πŸ”—

With over 5 million views monthly, My Modern Met is a publication that focuses on all things creative, with countless stories on top artists, designers, and photographers, and the latest trends in the art, design, and architectural fields. Within their published work on architecture, you can find great articles on modern design from buildings and urban environments around the world.

Emphasizing the natural context in which these places exist, this publication is great for architects and designers looking to incorporate surrounding environments with a modern twist.

9. New Atlas πŸ”—

As a publication focused on human innovation and endeavour, New Atlas has produced over 50,000 articles on topics ranging from science and technology to transportation, architecture, and design. Within their scope of articles in architecture and design, New Atlas is constantly providing news on the latest must-see architectural projects from around the globe.

If you are working in the urban planning field with an emphasis on smart and sustainable city design, New Atlas is must-follow to keep up on the latest trends.

10. Architizer πŸ”—

Architizer Journal is the go-to-place for architects to find great content and advice on choosing and procuring building materials, specifying products, finding new inspiration, and learning about innovative trends in the architectural building industry.

With a focus on market dynamics to the building products industry, Architizer is committed to ensuring professionals in the field are able to understand and find the best materials for creating their next project. With a distinct concentration on building products and materials, this blog is best for those architects working with materials procurement in their projects.

11. Dezeen πŸ”—

With over 3 million visitors monthly, Dezeen is focused on providing high quality, carefully edited architecture, design, and interior design news and projects from around the globe. From new and modern residential projects, to urban mega projects, Dezeen has the wide scope of trends that any architect should follow. If you are looking for inspiration, there is definitely no shortage of that either, with stunning visuals to make the designs come to life as you’re reading about them.

12. Architectural Record πŸ”—

An American magazine spanning 125 years in the industry, Architectural Record publishes monthly content showcasing architectural pieces from around the globe.

Their content not only seeks to highlight the current renditions of architecture that exist today, but also take a pragmatic analysis in understanding where this field will continue into the future. With recent issues focusing on healthcare facilities in Africa, landscape architecture, and biomaterials in building structures, Architectural Record ensures their readers that the content is with the times and a reflection of the world around them.

13. Architonic πŸ”—

For professionals in the field trying to keep a tab on what materials and products are new, relevant, and the best quality, Architonic is your publication to follow. With a focused approach on connecting architectural projects with products, furnishings, and materials that are best suited to complement them, their content is always fresh and insightful for architects working with procurement.

Whether you are designing for the interior of a kitchen, planning the layout of lighting features, or sourcing building materials, Architonic ensures quality products are at the forefront of your selection process.

14. Inhabitat πŸ”—

With a specific focus on sustainable design, Inhabitat is the must-follow publication for those in the field with a desire for creating sustainable and environmentally sound architecture. Not only does this publication provide insight into the best practices in green architecture, you can also stay up to date with the latest happenings in sustainable technologies and environmental policy. Information that is increasingly important to know and understand as we design for a world that is adaptable to climate change.

15. Curbed πŸ”—

In a more American-centric perspective, Curbed covers everything from interior design and architecture to real estate and urban issues, with a special emphasis on eight specific cities in the US.

Using analysis of residential topics, Curbed focuses on providing quality editorial content on neighborhoods and architecture as related links in the evolution of communities, rather than just the beautiful and glossy facades of other architectural publications. Follow along with their content if you happen to find the community as important as the building in which it lies.

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