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Top Tutorials for Learning Unreal Engine 4



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Top Tutorials for Learning Unreal Engine 4

Interested in game design? Learning Unreal Engine 4 is a must!

As a suite of tools utilizing real-time technology, Unreal Engine helps bring visual experiences in the game development industry to life. Whether you are working with VR or PC and console games, this software will allow you to bring your creations to real video gamers.

Image by Andrea Wierer from Pixabay

As a complete 3D visualization software, there is no shortage of setup tools that you can use when getting started. Included with a free Unreal Engine End User License Agreement, you can access a full suite of integrated tools, the C++ source code, free templates and samples, and a plethora of documentation and other supporting resources.

If you are looking for great tutorials to get started with Unreal, you will find the best source is on the Unreal Engine YouTube channel, but there are other detailed and thorough playlists to take a look at too. Here are some of the top tutorial favorites from game developers in our community:

Unreal Engine πŸ”—

When trying to find the best resources that exist for Unreal Engine on YouTube, the best choice is to learn the software directly from the Unreal Engine channel. Whether it’s tips and tricks for using the software, version updates, or spotlights from the Unreal community, there is no shortage of great resources and content to get you started creating and constantly improving.

With over 636K subscribers on YouTube and a wide variety of documentation and playlists, there is no better place to start than the Unreal Engine channel. A must for any game designer at any level!

DevSquad πŸ”—

With over 192K subscribers, DevSquad is a game development channel with free courses focused in Unreal Engine 4 Game Development Fundamentals, FPS game development, Role Playing game development, and Blender 3D.

More specific to Unreal Engine, with hundreds of videos in a wide range of topic areas, this channel is a must for anyone looking to improve their game development skills or get started with the software for the first time.

If you happened to like their YouTube channel, be sure to check out their website where they offer even more great content for free!

DevAddict πŸ”—

With just over 22K subscribers, DevAddict contains quite a few good playlists for learning Unreal Engine, including beginner and intermediate levels for learning to develop Multiplayer RPG, First Person Shooter, and Survival games. With videos that take a deep dive into the details such as dynamic lighting or realistic explosions, the content here will help your game development improve.

If you have found yourself enjoying the content on DevAddict’s channel, be sure to check out some of his courses For Multiplayer RPG and FPS games in his about section!

Game Dev Academy πŸ”—

Tailored more towards 3D modeling for game development, the Game Dev Academy channel hosted by Shane, helps game developers create and improve their projects with Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine.

Here you will find quite an expansive set of playlists teaching users how to create with Autodesk Maya, and then utilize these models in game development with Unreal Engine. There are also two notable beginner playlists worth checking out if you are new to Unreal Engine, that walk viewers through fundamentals through intermediate skills in just over 70 videos.

Make Games With Katie πŸ”—

With experience as a senior game designer with Riot Games, Katie Chironis hosts the Make Games with Katie channel to help those interested in game development get started with Unreal Engine. Although this channel only hosts one playlist for learning Unreal Engine, the content here will help you with some of the fundamentals with the software, taught by a developer working directly in the industry.

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