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Essential Remote Work Tools for Creative Agencies



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Essential Remote Work Tools for Creative Agencies

According to a recent survey, only 3% of employees want to return to the office full-time once the coronavirus pandemic passes.

It’s clear that businesses need to adapt to this change in working lifestyles, which may never return to normal.

One way creative agencies can do this is by investing in remote work tools. The software and applications that companies use now need to be reconsidered with remote working online in mind. So what are the best remote working tools for creative agencies in 2021?

Keep reading to find out our top choices.

Milanote 🔗

First, Milanote is a great program for creative agencies working in app or video game design. It is particularly helpful for remote work because teams are able to collaborate and visually organize their projects on digital boards.

One really cool feature is the ability to create project briefs that inspire your team with multimedia components like photo and video.

You can also add inspiration boards to allocate all of your creative ideas for a project in one place. If you’re still skeptical about it’s use for your creative agency, you’ll find comfort in knowing that Milanote is utilized by major brands such as Facebook, Nike, and Uber, to name a few.

One of the only major drawbacks of Milanote is that they don’t offer an offline mode, which can be irritating for agency workers on the move. The benefit with Milanote; however, is that the tool is free to use!

draw.io 🔗

If you’re working in the AEC (Architecture - Engineering - Construction) industry, Interior Design, or Urban planning, one of the best work from home tools for teams is draw.io. Studios and consulting firms appreciate the easy flowchart and process diagrams offered by the software. With draw.io, teams can build compelling visuals for a project, simultaneously edit project diagrams, share feedback with comments, and use readily available templates. For teams of under 20 users, this tool comes down to only $11/month to use. A pretty good investment for the productivity gained!

Maze 🔗

Another of our noteworthy work-from-home tools for creatives is Maze. Maze is a product design tool that makes UX reporting simple. By turning hours of product research into actionable and quantitative data, product teams can cut their product research time down considerably through for example misclicks, heatmaps, and packaged reports. Additionally, their packaged features allow for teams to get insights on product prototypes quickly, and then integrate those insights with other design platforms. The best part about the features they offer? Sign up is free!

Jitsi 🔗

Built as a series of open-source projects, Jitsi allows teams to create and deploy video conferencing solutions that are secture. By passing video and audio to all participants at once rather than mixing, it provides better quality and latency than other video conferencing softwares out there. Additional features include dial-in, recording, and simulcasting. In 2021 it’s time to ditch zoom altogether, and try Jitsi instead.

Trello 🔗

All creative agencies working from home need to check out Trello. This is the ultimate project management tool and is great for keeping track of deadlines. Freelancers might also value this software as it’s a helpful way of sharing progress with clients. Utilizing trello cards, teams can manage and track different aspects of their projects more efficiently and effectively. With each card containing a variety of attributes such as deadlines, to-do lists, relevant attachments, and conversations, you’ll never lose track of an action item ever again.

Vagon 🔗

Vagon is the perfect solution for creatives working with computationally intensive software for 3D animation, architectural design, CAD engineering, or video production. Rather than having projects sit on your computer and render through the night, upgrade your laptop or tablet to supercomputer speeds with just a simple internet connection. Find out more about Vagon’s affordable pricing options here.

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