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Essential Digital Tools for Video Producers



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Essential Digital Tools for Video Producers

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Looking to step up your video production skills to the next level?

Today videos can be shot and edited with a wide variety of setups and softwares, from just a smartphone to a production studio full of the best equipment.

The equipment and typical video editing software; however, is just a part of this process, as there are many other digital tools that can be utilized as well.

With so many options available, how do you as the producer choose which digital tools are best for you?

We’re here to help. Here are 5 digital tools all video producers should consider to help elevate your career in video editing.

BlackMagic Fusion 🔗

Choosing the right software suite for your video editing can make or break a project. The right software for you is also going to depend on your current level of video production skill.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll want something simple and you shouldn’t be investing too much money just yet.

Get the basics down before you drop major cash on fancy editing software with all the bells and whistles BlackMagic Fusion is a free video editor that is one of the best options. You can’t go wrong with this one to get your career in video editing started.

Blender 🔗

If any of your work requires a focus on 3D designs, Blender is the platform for you. It has a free and open source software with a host of cutting-edge features that enable any video editor to handle the entirety of the 3D design pipeline.

Editors can model characters, build scenery or maps, design logos, and render buildings as well as other 3D objects. You can even run simulations of your designs and then export your final project to the editing software of your choice.

If you are interested in learning more about this software, be sure to check out the tips and tricks articles we have on our blog, many of which are written by Nik Kottmann from BlenderDaily.

Nuke Studio 🔗

Nuke Studio is an editor or compositing program. You’ll use software like this during the final editing/compilation stage of your project.

Nuke is a notable name in the realm of professional video editing and post-production. Projects can be edited and finished with really high-level features and visual FX. Because of what it offers, Nuke Studio has a high price tag. In the past, it’s been out of the reach of casual video editors, but now the company is offering an educational version.

This version allows you to take advantage of the majority of features Nuke Studio offers, and even publish projects in 1080p resolution. The only catch is that the software prevents use for commercial projects.

Audacity 🔗

When it comes to adding audio to your video projects, you’ll want to look into a digital audio tool. Audacity is one of the most popular names in the space and will offer you all the functionality you’ll need to get your project off the ground.

The software is a free, multi-track recorder and although its features have a limit, it should get you where you need to go. The platform offers a full suite of effects to help you reduce audio flaws, and the software is open source which means plugins are always being developed to help the software run more smoothly.


GIMP is open-source software for photo editing. Like Audacity, since it’s open-source, developers can make changes to the code. This allows them to add new features and fix any bugs the software has.

This software offers plenty of features for you to make your images look top-notch. Besides, the user interface design is clean and easy to use. If you can’t find a feature you’re looking for, chances are there is a plugin designed for GIMP that can add just what you need.

Upgrade Your Video Production Workflow

So what are you waiting for? Get in the game and take your video production to the next level. To be the best video editor in the industry, you have to use all the tools at your disposal.

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