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Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Architecture in 2021



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Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Architecture in 2021

New year? New instagram accounts to follow!

Last year, the Vagon team compiled a list of some of our favorite architecture and urban planning instagram accounts to follow in 2020, and now get ready for round 2.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

There’s no telling what’s in store for the rest of this year, but in the meantime those of us in the industry can feel a bit more inspired and intrigued by the incredible content from these accounts. Check out the list and start 2021 with some fresh ideas and new perspectives!

## The B1M - @theb1m

An account discovered later on in the year, this is one instagram the Vagon team regretfully left out from the 2020 list of accounts to follow. Related to all things AEC (Architecture, Engineering, & Construction), B1M keeps you up to date with all of the latest and most influential architectural and engineering projects being built around the world. With a focus on BIM, their posts are not only appealing to look at, but also contain informative videos that describe the projects in detail.

If you happen to love their instagram account, there is also a YouTube channel you can subscribe to, in order to get access to all of their extensive interviews and journalism on the subject. All in all, B1M is a must-follow for anyone interested in the built environment.

Parametric Architecture - @parametric.architecture

As a publishing platform dedicated to research about art, architecture, and design that is created through a parametric and computation digital design approach, Parametric Architecture seeks to inspire viewers of a future that is possible.

With an emphasis on mathematical design, the content found on their account seeks to explore the merging of art and science that can be found in the built environment.

Beyond just their instagram account, be sure to check out the variety of publications and mediums from their website, such as articles, interviews, workshops, podcasts, conferences and much more.

Bloomberg CityLab - @citylab

Taken again from our 2020 list of accounts to follow, CityLab is another must-follow account for anyone looking to keep up with the latest trends and happenings in urban planning. Utilizing an all encompassing perspective, from housing policy to climate change, and transportation planning to racial justice, CityLab ensures that their instagram followers and subscribed readers are always up to date with the information affecting cities the most.

Their account contains the newsworthy information any urbanist needs to make informed decisions in the urban planning industry.

Socialist Modernism - @socialistmodernism

As an initiative started from the Bureau for Art and Urban Research in Romania, Socialist Modernism is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Socialist Modernism architecture that was built between 1955 and 1991 within the former Eastern Bloc. Specific to this genre, their content takes viewers through the time period of this architecture, documenting the current condition, designers, and history.

Styled with imperial grandeur and ornamentation, Socialist Modernism provides those in the field with a fresh historical perspective, quite different from the modern glass and shiny styles of architecture today.

The Best/New Architects - @the_best_new_architects

Seeking to select and provide exposure to both the best established and unknown architects and their projects, The Best/New Architects instagram is a platform that is great for keeping up with quality architectural projects in the industry. From structural modeling to regional planning, their carefully selected works are meant to showcase a spectrum of projects, in particular with the chance to highlight up and coming architects. If you are someone working in the field and looking to showcase your work, be sure to take the jump and submit your work for selection!

MAD Architects - @madarchitects

Another instagram account taken from our 2020 list, MAD Architects is a high-profile architectural design firm based in China, Italy, and the US. With 25+ international projects either completed or in the works, and another 14 in proposal, MAD Architects is an international expert on architecture of the future. Whether it’s their proposal for the Shenzhen Bay Culture Park or the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles, their work is sure to keep you in awe throughout the year.

SUPER ARCHITECTS - @superarchitects

Similar to The Best/New Architects account described previously, SUPER ARCHITECTS seeks to highlight and provide exposure to the best known and unknown architects in the field. Consistent content with architectural projects and designs from around the world, this account is sure to provide a daily dose of inspiration that keeps you in wonder.

Check out this project below from Reykjavík, Iceland!

designboom Magazine - @designboom

Described previously in our post Best Architecture Magazines & Blogs to Follow (which we also highly recommend checking out), designboom Magazine also has an instagram account that is definitely worth the follow. Priding itself in being the first ever online magazine, designboom showcases interesting architectural, art, and design pieces from around the world. Focused on both well-known and up and coming talent, their publication has featured over 26,000 different articles ranging from studio visits to exhibition reviews, and their instagram content reflects this same material.

Architecture Hunter - @architecture_hunter

Architecture Hunter is a digital architectural media startup that publishes content especially relevant to architects in the field. With a mostly residential and interior design focus, Architecture Hunter showcases glamorous and high-end projects that are sure to keep you inspired, informed, and entertained. With over 2.5 Million followers on their instagram, including some well known architects and public figures such as Sir Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel, and even Mark Zuckerberg, it’s safe to say their content will keep you guided in the best known architectural pieces around.

Architecture & Design - @architectanddesign

Claiming itself as “The best Architecture & Design account of Instagram” there is no lack of boldness in this account, and their content reflects that striking language too. From high-end interiors to modern urban landscapes, this instagram showcases an all encompassing perspective on some of the best architecture and design projects in the field today.

CritDay - Daily Architecture - @critday

Okay, so we had an extra account to follow on our list, making CritDay - Daily Architecture, number 11 as a bonus! This account is a platform dedicated to sharing the work of architecture students. Ranging from structural renditions to interior designs, the best of the best student work is given a medium for gaining exposure and critique. If you are student looking to submit your work, be sure to tag a piece with @critday and #critday to join the selection process!

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