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Sometimes being a student is tough - especially when there is a project or exam!

We’d like to support all students and make things easier for them. If you are a student, register to vagon with your “.edu” email address and get a special discount for the subscription fee.

You know what, let’s make it valid for all people in academia!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is vagon secure?

Every vagon workstation is an isolated VM which no other user has access to. We continually monitor our infrastructure for possible security vulnerabilities and keep your system up to date. You always get notified when something in your system is updated. We take privacy seriously and have numerous measures against unauthorized access to your files.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! vagon doesn't require any upfront commitments. You can cancel anytime without any problems.

How much space do I have to store my files?

Practically infinite. We leverage the power of the cloud to ensure we always have enough space for your files. We give 5GB of object storage free with your account. Anything over that is billed in increments.

Where are your servers located?

By using the power of the cloud we're leveraging an existing, reliable set of datacenters distributed around the world. This way we ensure that you're always getting the best experience out of your workstation anywhere in the world.

What operating systems are supported?

vagon client supports Windows, Linux and MacOS. Currently we only provide Windows workstations. Linux workstation support is on the way.

Do I have to pay for hardware upgrades?

No. vagon ensures that our fleet of servers are equipped with up to date hardware so that you can always enjoy using the current generation of equipment. We'll always let you know when a new generation of servers is coming.